Family with young daughterCall A Specialist

To get the most comprehensive and personalized service, call us. One of our child care specialists will help you through the process of choosing child care options for your family.  800-407-5437 or 330-376-7706

Our specialist will need some information like:

  • Name
  • Telephone (including area code)
  • Address, including Zip Code and County
  • Type of care wanted: Family, Center or either
  • Do you want the care to be near work, home, or another location? (You will be asked to provide the address if other than your home.)
  • Age(s) of child(ren) needing care.  (If children are in school, you will also be asked the name of their elementary school.)
  • Days of week care is needed
  • Earliest time you will drop them off/Latest time you will pick them up
  • Other concerns which are important to you.

If you choose, you may also provide answers to the following:

  • Number of adults and children in the household
  • Gross annual income
  • Are you receiving childcare subsidy?
  • Age of the parent of the child(ren)
  • How did you hear about Child Care Connection?

* All information shared with Child Care Connection shall remain confidential. Child Care Connection does not endorse, rate, recommend or evaluate child care resources, programs, or providers and therefore, Child Care Connection does not assume, warrant, or guarantee quality care. Any information about a caregiver/provider has been provided solely by that caregiver/provider.

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